A happy wife means a happy life.

Now try to balance your life, your wife, and your business all within the same office. The next guest on Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars, strikes an amazing balance. It is a unique story of one of the first husband and wife Real Estate teams in the country.

Together, The Buehlers have formed a team that is at the top of the Real Estate Industry, racking up over 93 million dollars in sales last year. Kurt Buehler has created a unique method of generating leads by sending out 51,000 pieces of mail 18 time per year. This has catapaluted The Buehlers & Associates to the top of the charts! In this interview Kurt dives into how they do it, and how you too can still take advantage of tactics as simple as a bulk mailing. You will not want to miss these money proven methods and statistics that Kurt provides. While Real Estate is still Kurt's bread and butter, he also shares with us how he acquired a printing company and is striving to change the lives of all of his employees.

With Greg being the most internet savvy agent in Cleveland, and Mike a networker with an old style approach, both agents realized that combining their practices would ensure that they were the best all-around Real Estate team in Ohio. In 2013, just five years after Greg Erlanger and Mike Zinicola formed The EZ Sales team, they went from doing 26 million dollars in volume to 89 million dollars in volume with over 530 transactions. Combine and conquer allowed them to focus on each of their core competencies while minimizing their weaknesses! This episode is nothing less than brilliant, as The EZ Sales Team shares all of their tips and tricks to dominate your market, maximize Google presence, and even work with a professional sports team exclusively.

Former #5 in the World for Coldwell Banker, competing with over 120,000 realtors, the youngest to ever obtain this achievement, Jay Kinder shares with us his amazing story! Literally being born into Real Estate, by age 19 Jay was already prepared to branch off on his own. Motivated by his urge to provide value-added life experiences and promote home ownership across the Lawton community, Jay set his goals high from the start. His journey however has not been the smoothest, after the collapse of 2008 nearly cost him everything! Jay found a way to perceiver, reevaluating his business, and in 2011, Jay and co-founder Michael Reese felt there was something bigger that agents would be a part of to revolutionize the real estate industry at an even larger scale and pace, so together they co-founded the National Association of Expert Advisors®. Now, in 2014, the National Association has a following of over 40,000 agents throughout the United States and Canada with over 87 events and nearly 2000 in attendance throughout a single calendar year.

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The Dunca Duo blew 2013 out of the water, doing 472 units! Andrew Duncan is the leader of Tampa Bay's Most Innovative Real Estate Team, co-owner of RE/MAX Dynamic, and the Host of The Duncan Duo Real Estate Show Sundays at 10am on 970AM WFLA. His marketing expertise and attention to innovation has allowed the team to double its business nearly every single year to the point where the team is now #1 with RE/MAX in the State of Florida and #10 in the U.S. for RE/MAX after just being open for 2 full years. Andrew shares how he has constantly sought out new and innovative ideas to continue to help his clients achieve their Real Estate goals.

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With more than 15 years in the marketing and branding world, Katie Lance has recently fallen in love with social media. In 2012, Katie's love for social media was taken to a new level, when she decided to start her own consulting firm, focusing on the one thing that she is fired up about - social media! Katie was recently named to the Inman Top 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate. She caters to Real Estate agents, and high tech companies, helping them get smart about social media! She has clients across the world including DocuSign, PNC Mortgage, and Re/Max International.

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23: Ashley Dietch and Steve Volkers-Listen in as a 28 year old tells the story of how she took the plunge from a salaried team admin to a commissioned buyer agent and sold 61 homes in her 2nd year!


The double doozy from Grand Rapids Michigan, with an incredible story on rapid growth. Not only has Steve built an incredible niche focused team, he has also converted an ex-administrator to a killer Real Estate Agent. After joining Steve’s team, and learning the Real Estate business from behind a desk, Ashley took to the streets and has sold over 60 homes in her second year of business, accounting for 1/3 of all sales on a team of 21. To make it even better, you know Ashley is turning heads, because she has been voted into the Top 30 Under 30 in Realtor Magazine.

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22: Tina Mak, One of Coldwell Banker's top producing Canadian agents and Inman Magazine's most influential people in Real Estate tells all the secrets on how to prospect and sell to buyers and sellers from all over the world.

Tina Mak is the president of the Vancouver, Canada chapter of Asian Real Estate agents, licensed since 1992, and host of The Golden Investment Page radio show. Before diving into Real Estate, Tina was a classically trained musician which is where she acquired the self discipline to perform at the highest level as an agent. Being the Asian Real Estate expert, In this interview Tina shares all, even going in-depth in explaining the difference between a banana, and a coconut! The advice and techniques that are shared are sure to help you with your next Asian client.


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21: Martin Bouma- How to close more than 200 units in a college town

Martin Bouma, is a Real Estate agent, who happens to be a gay male dominating the Ann Arbor market closing 85% of the listings he goes on! Jumping into some numbers, Martin and his team sold over 200 units equaling 67 million dollars in volume. After being told that he did not have what it took in Real Estate, Martin met a woman who realized he would do what it took to be successful. Getting on the phone from 9-6 everyday, he was able to convert on 7 closings in his first 3 months. Having zero confidence, and being told that he did not have what it took, Martin discovered that activity will always generate results. Being a gay male and utilizing his skill of being very in-tune with the people around him makes being a Real Estate agent a lot easier.


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Success can sometimes be achieved by opening the cover of a book, and retaining every bit of information that you can. This is exactly what Wendy Papasan, wife of the famous Keller Williams author Jay Papasan, did in order to develop a booming Real Estate business. With more than 20 years of consulting and marketing experience, Wendy decided it was time to dive into Jay's books, and start a career in Real Estate. All Wendy did was pick up the rules, follow the books, and followed along with what she needed to do to be successful. Already over 20 million dollars in volume in just 4 years in the business, Wendy is killing it!

What if you could wake up tomorrow and any, or EVERY area of your life was beginning to transform? The simplest approach to achieving everything you have ever wanted starts with The Miracle Morning, and it was an honor to chat with Hal Elrod, author of this best selling book. Besides being an author, Hal is a Keynote speaker, one of America's top Success Coaches, a father, a husband, an amazing guest on Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars, and he shares information on how to achieve your goals today. Hal's commitment to being great almost came to a screeching halt, when at age 20, Hal was hit head on by a drunk driver, and found dead at the scene. Despite being declared clinically dead for six minutes, in a coma for six days, and being told he would never walk again, Hal defied the logic of doctors and bounced back to prove that all of us are capable of overcoming extraordinary adversity using affirmations.

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Veteran Real Estate Agent and successful Insurance Broker Willie Miranda of Albany, New York shares how he created a self run insurance company that pays a 6 figure work free income for him while he works with Real Estate clients to make more money. A long time trainer for Craig Proctor Seminars, Willie walks what he talks and consistently pumps out hundreds of sales per year.  Listen as he candidly shares some great stories about keeping a shocking secret that occurred on a house showing and how keeping an old space heater around motivates him more than a gallon of Starbuck's dark roast!


Justin Havre is an online Real Estate genius! The internet has been his biggest attribute to success from the beginning, always investing heavily into internet lead generation. With 8-9 websites, there is no shortage of web presence for Justin Havre & Associates.   Justin and his team generate over 40,000 internet leads annually. Justin is not just killing the referrals, he and his team did over 430 units last year!