John Clidy is the father of 4 beautiful children, married to the best wife on the planet, and a state trooper turned real estate agent. John recently retired from NJSP after 17 years on duty so that he could focus all of his time on selling real estate. Now John is the Operating Principle of the fastest growing market center in the country and a Mega Agent with the #2 top team by units in the greater Pennsylvania region. By combining the power of family, faith and business John has become a real estate and wealth building expert! 

Join us as John shares his realtor mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by leaving his day job of selling drugs as an undercover agent!

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The Jills: Jill Hertzberg & Jill Eber have been selling Miami Beach real estate with a commitment to excellence for many years with celebrity clients ranging from Shaquille O'Neal to Jennifer Lopez. The Jills' area of expertise includes but is not limited to the sale of luxury Miami Beach homes in exclusive and secure communities and Miami new developments, resulting in the sale of many multimillion dollar Miami Beach homes and condominiums. They have record-breaking sales in Miami-Dade County, including the highest recorded sale of all time. These sales and the service that accompanies them, have earned The Jills a sterling reputation as top Miami luxury real estate agents, as well as a host of prestigious awards and accolades, including #1 Team Worldwide.

Join us as The Jills share their realtor mindsets and a glance at their journey to becoming Real Estate Rockstars and collaborating to create the #1 real estate team in the world!

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Dan Harker is running a real estate team that has been around since 1968, that is a long time!  Dan started in the real estate business back in 1995 and he has received numerous honors including Rookie of the Month for Broker Agent Magazine, was featured in Realtor Business Magazine and Real Estate Executive.   In 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, he was voted one of The Best Residential Realtors in D Magazine. He is also one of Howard Brinton’s StarPower Stars. In addition to being a top Real Estate agent, Dan has served as a faculty member of Keller Williams International Realty teaching various real estate clinics. When Dan is not winning the race for listings he is  spending time with his family, enjoying sports, hunting, and traveling.

Join us as Dan shares his realtor mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar and winning the race for listings!

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The award-winning Nancy Jenkins Team is led by Nancy Jenkins. Nancy is the No. 1 Agent in Vermont & began her successful real-estate career in 1979 and now holds CRB and CRS designations. Nancy was recently featured in REALTOR Magazine as one of the Top 100 Residential Salespeople in the United States. Involved, innovative, a top producer, Nancy is interested in what is best for each person with whom she works and each member of her family centered real estate team. 

Join us as Nancy shares her realtor mindset and a glance at her journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar and experiencing all of the great things about a team.

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Jay Papasan is a best-selling author and co-owner, alongside his wife Wendy, of the Papasan Real Estate Team with Keller Williams Realty in Austin Texas. His most recent work with Gary Keller on The ONE Thing has garnered more than 150 appearances on the national bestseller lists including #1 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. Jay chats about lining up your dominos and understanding your priorities in order to create momentum and meet your goals in life and in business. 

Join us as Jay shares his realtor mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar, a Real Estate expert and an International Best Selling Author! 

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Lucy Ham is the Real Estate Broker and President of the Lucy Ham Group, Inc and Ham Commercial. Lucy began in real estate in 1974, she has over 40 years of experience in the business. Lucy has a great tight knit team that closed 291 transactions last year. By taking belief in herself and her business Lucy has catapulted her career and has transformed from real estate rookie to real estate rockstar! 

Join us as Lucy shares her realtor mindset and a glance at her journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by planning her work and working her plan.

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Gary Gold is a marquee name in Los Angeles luxury real estate and one of its most successful technology marketers. He's an internationally recognized marketing and luxury real estate expert in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood and the Sunset Strip. Gary is further distinguished by the rare ability to secure high net worth, qualified buyers from internet leads. An HGTV Selling Los Angeles star Gary has worked with celebrity clients and shares how he makes real estate fun! 

Join us as Gary shares his realtor mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming Real Estate Rockstar using Zillow, Trulia, and technology. 

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Diane Cardano is the Owner/Broker of Cardano Realtors. With their Coming Soon Listing marketing program and guarantee a sale in 26 days or tear up the contract, Diane and her team have built trust with their clients that is unmatched by other agents. Having an MBA in Marketing has helped Cardano Realtors for the past 21 years, they market homes and just happen to have a real estate license! Learn how Diane has created a home selling seminar to create a specific target market that trust and use Diane for life.

Join us as Diane shares her realtor mindset and a glance at her journey to becoming Real Estate Rockstar using The Home Selling Seminar.

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Leo Pareja and his award winning team have sold more than 500 million in residential Real Estate sales during his career. In 2010 he was ranked the #1 Keller Williams Agent in the United States and Canada, that however didn't equate to the best net income. Chosen as one of the 30 under 30 class for 2011 by Realtor Magazine, he was ranked #5 team in US according to the Wall Street Journal in 2011. A licensed Broker since 2002 in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia, Pareja works with financial institutions, developers, builders, investors, high net worth individuals and retail homeowners and homebuyers. Leo is recognized nationally as an industry expert and is routinely a featured speaker at industry conferences.

Join us as Leo shares his realtor mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming Real Estate Rockstar by focusing on profitability rather than awards.

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Adrienne Lally remembers her childhood as if it were yesterday. Gymnastics. Gymnastics was her core and she was on a team from the young age of 5, training and competing with other Olympic hopefuls and one Olympian, Dominique Dawes.When Adrienne decided that she was ready for a change, she packed her bags and joined the Army. After her military career was over Adrienne needed to find something that got her out of the house and real estate was that answer. For the last 10 years Adrienne has been making a living in the real estate industry, but for the last 7 she has been crushing business with her partner Attilio Leonard, A native Hawaiian born and raised on Oahu. Artillio and Adrienne dive into the logistics of their business and how they have achieved so much success!

Join us as Team Lally shares their realtor mindset and a glance at their journey to becoming Real Estate Rockstars using The Caveman Listing Presentation.

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 Tim Heyl is the ambitious founder and leader of the Heyl Group, who is known as "Boy Wonder". An Austin native, Tim was raised in the real estate industry learning aspects of the business from his father, the owner of the luxury custom home builder Heyl Homes. Since 2009, the Heyl Group has grown exponentially to become one of the preeminent real estate teams in Austin, helping over 250 families buy and sell real estate in Central Texas. The Austin Business Journal named The Heyl Group the number one team for the “2013 Residential Real Estate Awards” for the team’s 2012 gross sales of over $34 million. Tim's commitment to his clients and his business has earned him international recognition as one of the innovative leaders in real estate. Tim graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Real Estate from the Mays School of Business at Texas A&M University.

Join us as Tim shares his realtor mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar and becoming the Wonder Boy of Real Estate! 

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Dave Kimbrough made a living selling drugs, legally, in pharamasutical sales until his life was turned upside down. After the passing of his wife who had brain cancer. Dave aligned himself with a real estate agent who could sell their house. The agent got the job done, but the guy who sold their house would not leave Dave alone, he knew that real estate was Dave's calling. In 2002 Dave started in real estate thinking he would be able to play 100 rounds of golf a year and make some money. That same year Dave only sold 12 houses and realized that there was a lot of money to be made in real estate if he committed himself to the industry! 

Join us as Dave shares his realtor mindset and a glance at his journey to leaving a very successful career to start fresh in real estate and becoming a real estate rockstar! 

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Lori Ballen is a Mega Agent with an award winning real estate team in Las Vegas called The Ballen Group at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas.  Lori and her husband Richard Ballen have owned multiple successful businesses based on her internet marketing strategy which is now called “The Ballen Method“.  Lori and Richard now travel and train other business professionals on her real estate SEO and business SEO methods which include  Identifying a Niche, Finding a Target Audience, Creating a Message and a Product and then using Blogging, Press Releases, Social Media, Classified Ads, Video and Fresh, Relevant web site content with Disciplined Consistency in order to dominate the search engines for desired searched keyword strings. Lori Ballen has become known for her “Keeping it Real” style and approach to Social Media. What you see is what you get with Lori. Passion, Enthusiasm and Energy are what she’s about.

Join us as Lori shares her realtor mindset and a glance at her journey to using Facebook to work less in her business.

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President/CEO of The Armstrong Real Estate Group and Co-Owner Keller Williams Realty Nashville, Aaron prides himself on running Nashville's most innovative, service-oriented Real Estate Team, using virtual assistants. Ranked among the top 1% of Realtors in Tennessee, Aaron Armstrong is a highly qualified real estate specialist that is serious about client satisfaction. "I enjoy working with our clients to discover exactly what they want and what it will take for them to be 100% satisfied at the end of our transaction. With the Armstrong Real Estate Group's aggressive marketing strategies and extensive knowledge of the real estate market they have created unbeatable service. With the help of Daniel Ramsey and MyOutDesk Aaron has leveraged his time and hired virtual assistants to specialize in transactions and help ensure that every transaction is a piece of cake! 

Join us as Aaron and Daniel share their realtor mindset and a glance at their journey to using virtual assistants to create a more efficient business.

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