Not being responsive in real estate translates to real estate agents losing a lot of money. CurbCall Co-Founder and CEO Stephanie Sullivan spoke in detail with Pat in this podcast about how agents, team leaders and brokers can utilize CurbCall Connect, the Uber of real estate, to revolutionize lead routing and response times to get more leads in their funnels. If you are a fan of disruptive technology - real estate technology that will help put more profits in your pocket, then don't miss this podcast discussing CurbCall Connect, CurbCall Protect and the upcoming CurbCall Collect.

Stephanie Sullivan, a long-time serial entrepreneur in the mobile high tech and real estate space, acquired CurbCall from founder and CEO Seth Siegler. With Sullivan serving as CEO, the company is expanding product capabilities to be able to offer real estate brokerages and agents a real-time lead routing system that is significantly faster and less costly than the leading offerings.

Join us as Stephanie shares her mindset and a glance at her journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by disrupting the lead communication space in Real Estate and bringing accountability to Agents.

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Successfully selling real estate to international buyers can be tricky business due to all the hoops you and your clients must jump through to get deals done. If you want to be ready to pull the trigger when you find your international clients a good deal, then you must make sure to have a number of things in order ahead of time. Reed Goossens is an international buyer expert who, in this podcast interview with Pat Hiban, dives deep into everything you need to serve your international buyer clients successfully.

Reed moved to the U.S. in 2012 to pursue a career in structural engineering, however he discovered a passion for real estate investing. With limited funds, and no credit, Reed went from purchasing a small duplexes to growing his own real estate investing firm, RSN Property Group. Reed now syndicates large multi-million dollar deals across the U.S. Over the past 3 years, he has been involved in over $50 million worth of multifamily real estate. He certainly lives up the 'never say die' Aussie attitude!

Join us as Reed shares his mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by providing real estate solutions for both investors and sellers to aid with transforming underutilized urban properties into exceptional residential and diverse communities.

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Get ready to dig deep into disruptive technology for real estate investing crowdfunding with Nav Athwal - the Founder and CEO of RealtyShares. In this podcast, Pat and Nav give you an in-depth look into exactly how individuals can invest in real estate using the RealtyShares platform. This is truly and informative and interesting podcast for anyone interested in real estate investing and what the future of investing may look like as more and more disruptive technology takes hold. 

Nav Athwal is the Founder and CEO of RealtyShares, a curated online marketplace for real estate investing. His platform connects individual and institutional investors to private U.S. real estate investments, raising $200 million across more than 400 deals in 31 states. Prior to founding RealtyShares, Nav was a real estate and land use attorney in San Francisco, representing developers, fund managers, nonprofits and public and private REIT's on some of the largest US real estate and renewable energy projects. Nav holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from UC Davis and a J.D. from UC Berkeley Law School where he was Class Valedictorian. Nav is also is a regulator contributor to Forbes and TechCrunch.

Join us as Nav shares his mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by transforming the real estate investment landscape.

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In today's digitally-driven world, real estate agents can dominate their local market by focusing on repetitive brand-building activities which resonate with their sphere of influence and prospective clients. Seth Price, VP of Industry Relations at Placester, dives deep into exactly how you can create your personal brand from scratch and then use consistency and velocity to build trust and dominate your local market in out latest podcast. Get ready to take notes because the information in this podcast - when put into action - will make you real estate profits!

Seth Price is on a mission to transform the way you think about branding and connecting with customers. He is the author of the “The Road to Recognition”, Host of The Craft of Marketing and Marketing Genius Podcasts. Seth is a mentor to startups, a wildly popular contributor to Huffington Post, Inman News, Startup Institute, Founders League and Marketing Profs. He is part of the founding team at Placester where he’s worn all of the go-to-market hats and helped the company build a 450,000-plus customer base and triple digit growth in less than five years. He doesn't focus so much on how-to but more on how-to-think.

Join us as Seth shares his mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by becoming a branding expert dedicated to empowering personal brands to lead meaningful businesses and turn recognition into revenue.

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Hear how you can get more solid listing leads using a beast mode lead generation mindset in this podcast with 3-time Real Estate Rockstar Radio guest James Festini. Not only will James share exactly how he prospected to get 150-200 solid listing leads in 7 months in a brand new territory where he knew no one, but you'll also hear a wealth of other valuable nuggets including his go-to lead generation tools. Whether you are just starting out in real estate or a seasoned veteran, beast mode lead generation can easily help you reach your goals and make more money.

James Festini is a multi-faceted sales associate with Century 21. He has held a real estate sales license since 1993 years, specializing relocation, residential and income properties. As a seasoned professional, with a Certified Marketing Specialist designation, you can be assured that he can handle any situation in real estate in a calm and professional manner. He is well respected by his peers within the industry, consistently garnering top producer awards for his efforts including top listing agent. James and Nicole Festini work as a team to support their clients' needs.

Join us as James shares his mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by providing unsurpassed integrity and professional services for his clients and brings a "hands-on" approach to real estate.

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Real estate investors can be an excellent source of income for real estate agents as they treat buying and selling houses as a business and do not get emotionally involved in transactions. Investors want to build relationships and work with agents who bring something to the table. Larry Goins, a successful investor for 30 years, gets most of his deals from real estate agents and the mls. He loves working with real estate agents and shares how agents can work smarter with investors to make more money in this podcast interview with Pat Hiban.

Larry has been investing in real estate for over 30 years. Previously, Larry served as president of the Metrolina Real Estate Investors Association in Charlotte NC, a not-for-profit organization that has over 350 members and is the local chapter of the National Real Estate Investors Association. He is an active real estate investor and travels throughout the United States speaking and training audiences at conventions, expos, and Real Estate Investment Associations on his strategies for buying and selling houses. Larry has also written several books on real estate investing that are available wherever books are sold. He and Kandas are also the host of the BRAG Radio Show. BRAG is all about using real estate to Be Rich And Generous.

Between speaking engagements and mentoring other investors, Larry oversees the daily operations of his investing business that wholesales properties, seller finances properties and holds properties for investment.

On a personal note,  Larry and his wife, Pam, have two children, Linda and Noah. He also has a grand daughter, Ember. They are a member of New River Community Church in Lake Wylie, SC. As a husband, father, businessman, and real estate investor, Larry holds true to his core values and moral integrity. 

His personal and business motto is, “People and principles before profits.”

Join us as Larry shares his mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by becoming a real estate investing expert!

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Hear how you can make more money with rental real estate investing by taking advantage of today's latest mobile apps, software and technology solutions. Linda Liberatore is disrupting the traditional property management model with her business. In her podcast interview with Pat, Linda shares a wealth of information regarding today's technology which is helping landlords - whether they use a property management company or fly solo - make more profit. Pat also points out how some of this technology can also help real estate agents be more efficient and make more commission dollars. If you love using technology to improve your business and grow your bottom line, then don't miss this podcast!

Linda is the owner and founder of Secure Pay One, a unique virtual property management assistant that helps real estate investors manage their properties across the US. Her portfolio includes SF, MF, commercial and mixed use. With her additional background as a Certified Trainer and Project Manager, Linda has performed a number of Property Management Training sessions and over 1,000 workshops. She recently released a new book, Daily Inspirations to Achieve Your Real Estate Investment Goals: Begin Each Morning Focused on Your Real Estate Investment and Management Goals. Linda is currently working on her 2nd book while active in over 8 REIA's both local and national memberships.

Join us as Linda shares her mindset and a glance at her journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by helping real estate agents and investors expand their real estate portfolio.

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Ready to move up to luxury listings? More importantly, are you ready to become the go-to luxury listing agent in your local market? Don't miss this podcast with luxury listing expert to get a wealth of actionable information you can put to use right away and turn yourself into a luxury listing specialist in your local real estate market.

Michael LaFido is a top-producing Realtor® and real estate consultant with over sixteen years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, Michael learned the importance of high-caliber marketing versus “traditional marketing”, which has become the key to his success. This approach is based on developing and maintaining relationships with his clients, so that he can serve them with the highest standard of customer service and respect. Michael LaFido is the author of the book "Marketing Luxury".

Michael is the founder of the Marketing Luxury Group. The Marketing Luxury Group assists other real estate agents and affluent home owners by providing premium Bespoke services including "lifestyle marketing', consulting, and PR services to help agents and owners sell their luxury homes using our proven and reputable strategies.

Michael also created the nationally recognized luxury certification for real estate agents which is known as Luxury Listing Specialist (LUXE). This new certification establishes a minimum set of standards for agents that represent luxury homes and is offered as Continuing Education (CE) for real estate agents in certain states.

Join us as Michael shares his mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by having his methods become "The New Standard" for marketing luxury homes today.

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Heath Higgins is growing real estate wealth by utilizing 9 active real estate partnerships and by owning multiple real estate related businesses. Hear the Jefferson City, Missouri real estate agent share his secrets and strategies for success with Pat in our latest Pat Hiban's Real Estate Rockstar Radio podcast. And as Pat says in the beginning of the interview, Heath has grown his business and wealth the smart way and "you're going to want to listen to this several times in a row."

Heath Higgins is a husband and father of 3. He is a licensed agent since 2001 and broker of his own Company (Realty Executives) since 2007. Heath is the Team leader of the Heath Higgins team of Expert Advisors which consist of anywhere between 8-12 agents. Heath Higgins just opened a second Real Estate office in Columbia, MO which is 30 miles north of Current office in Jefferson City, MO. Since 2001, Heath has offered his Guaranteed Sales Program. He believes whole heartedly in Multiple Streams of Income and the # 1 Key to Success is being Coachable- Which is the Title to his new book that he is currently writing.

Heath currently owns an Insurance Agency (Allstate Franchise), a Home Inspections Co (paramount home inspections), he has 9 Active LLC partnerships that fix and flip, own and manage rentals (52 Units), Lease Purchase Homes (7 Currently Under Contract), Commercial Real estate including the Building that he owns that all of his other Businesses rent from, another Commercial Building and lot that a Burger King Franchise operates out of.
Heath has been a big fan of the Real Estate Rockstars Podcast for a while and was just thinking to himself how much he would love to be on the show. Then Boom, Heath got an email asking to do so. Power of "as a man think".

Join us as Heath shares his mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by becoming ranked among the Top 10 Real Estate Teams in the Midwest Region!

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Podcast guest Kevin Bupp bought his first real estate investment property at age 20 and never looked back amassing a $15 million dollar portfolio. That was, however, until the real estate world was turned upside down and he lost everything when the market crashed. After taking a 2-year hiatus, Kevin came back stronger and smarter with a new real estate investing strategy that has helped him start rebuilding his wealth. Listen to his podcast interview with Pat to hear about this drastic change in direction from his previous real estate strategy and you can start making more money following in his footsteps.

Kevin Bupp has been an entrepreneur all his life. It all began with a paper route when he was 12. Once Kevin had gotten a good taste of making money for himself, he moved on to a far more profitable endeavor: buying, selling, and installing automobile electronics out of his parents’ garage at the age of 14. Thankfully, his parents have always been blissfully supportive of Kevin’s enthusiasm, even when the most well-laid plans went astray.

Kevin briefly tended bar, filling his requisite “food service” quotient for kids his age (and, incidentally, teaching himself how not to treat bartenders), then jumped right into real estate investing by the age of 20. Kevin completed a degree in business at a small community college in PA, but eventually decided to focus all of his energy on real estate. This turned out to be a good move, because for more than thirteen years Kevin has been investing and consulting with tremendous results, having personally completed in excess of $40 million in real estate transactions. Currently, Kevin is a candidate for CCIM, the highest commercial real estate designation around.

Join us as Kevin shares his mindset and a glance at his journey to becoming a Real Estate Rockstar by becoming a real estate expert and serial entrepreneur developing systems, tools, educational platform and coaching program to accelerate one's path to success as a Mobile Home Park Investor.

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