Stuck in the rat race and itching to escape? Get ready to take notes from today’s guest, Tim Rhode! Tim retired at the age of 40 by running a successful real estate business, making smart investments, and living modestly in his younger years. Now, he spends his days doing the things he loves with the people he cares about. If that sounds like the kind of life you want to be living in 10 or 20 years, you’re going to want to pay close attention to Tim’s advice. Not only does he share what it takes to achieve financial freedom, he explains how to determine whether or not you’re on a track that will get you there.

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Want to beat seasoned agents at the listing game but aren’t sure how? Get ready to take notes from today’s guest. With only two years of real estate experience, Shane Dulgeroff gets and sells a steady supply of million-dollar listings. Last year, he took home over $250,000, and he’s not even 25! Listen and learn how Shane leverages his social media expertise and a hunger for more business to win luxury listings. He shares strategies for running targeted Facebook advertisements, tips on getting top spots for hyperlocal hashtags on Instagram, and more.

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You don’t have to spend thousands advertising online to attract new clients. According to SEO expert Phil Singleton, agents can generate their own leads by building better websites. On today's podcast, Phil shares his system for turning websites into client magnets. Listen and learn how to research real estate keywords for free using Google’s Keyword Planner. You’ll also hear ways to use keywords and content marketing to generate leads organically. If you want to get more clients for less money, don’t miss this Real Estate Rockstars!

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Chris Arnold’s multifaceted business model generates over 300 transactions per year, but that’s not the most impressive thing about it. The most impressive thing about Chris’ business is how he runs it – virtually. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Chris explains how he created a productive virtual team that handles traditional real estate transactions as well as wholesale deals. He also shares the tools and processes that make it possible to run a high-volume real estate business while still enjoying the time and freedom to pursue his passions.

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Want to fill your database with over 42,000 seller leads? Caleb Pearson did it, and he’s here to tell you how. Listen as he covers his sources for seller leads, the tools he uses to manage them, and most importantly – how he converts them. Caleb even offers advice to agents on commission splits so they don’t get burned as their listing business grows. If you’re ready to take your outbound prospecting to the next level, this is one Real Estate Rockstars you won’t want to miss!

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There’s one thing in particular holding you back from greater success in real estate – yourself. Without personal accountability and the discipline to strive toward trackable goals, your business will never reach its full potential.

That’s the conclusion Aaron Wittenstein came to when his first real estate team fell apart. With the help of coach Andy Scherer, Aaron was able to identify and implement the accountability systems needed to get his business back on track. Now, thanks to these systems, Aaron has doubled his business this year alone!

On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Aaron and Andy talk agent accountability with Pat. Not only do they discuss what agents should hold themselves accountable to, they share systems that will help listeners make massive accountability improvements. Don’t miss it!

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Early in his career, Michael Maher decided to base his business on referrals. By the time he wrote his best-selling book, 7L: The Seven Levels of Communication, he was generating over 500 referrals per year. On today’s podcast, Michael shares the best way for real estate agents to get referrals: event invitations. He also passes on tons of tested advice on database communication and event planning – two essential skills for agents who want to generate a massive amount of repeat and referral business. Don’t miss this Real Estate Rockstars with the authority on client communication and referrals!

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Blow up repeat and referral business by building the best LinkedIn profile possible! Today, networking expert Rhonda Sher joins Pat to discuss best practices for LinkedIn profiles. She covers how to get great testimonials and the details to include in your profile if you’re a real estate agent. Rhonda also explains what a bad LinkedIn profile looks like before sharing some easy-to-implement fixes for common mistakes. If you want to leverage your LinkedIn profile for more real estate business, listen closely to this podcast!

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Stop setting and forgetting goals. In fact, stop setting goals altogether. Instead, start setting expectations and doing what it takes to meet them. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, the founder of Icon Coaching, Shon Kokoszka, shares how agents can move their business forward with a simple step-by-step process for identifying and developing the right habits. Shon also covers tweaks to improve results with open houses, how to get referrals from other professionals, and more.

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CEO and co-founder of Big Block Realty, Sam Khorramian, joins us today to discuss what it takes to achieve massive growth and profitability in real estate. Why should you listen to what he has to say? Well, in addition to leading a team of more than 700 agents that will sell over $1 billion worth of real estate this year, Sam helped Big Block Realty secure the top spot for real estate companies on the Inc. 5000 List for 2017. Don’t miss Sam’s advice on building a successful real estate team or his suggestions for overcoming sellers’ objections!

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Believe it or not, you can sell 100+ homes your first year in real estate. Today’s guest, Brandon Mulrenin, sold 116 homes his first year as an agent, and he’s here to share how he did it with a step-by-step process for getting listings. Listen and learn what you need to focus on as a new agent if you want to start selling homes right away. Brandon also shares two listing niches that have little-to-no competition and offer plenty of potential payoff. If you want to get more listings and earn more commission dollars, this Real Estate Rockstars is for you!

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In his first two months as a real estate agent, David Serpa managed to open seven escrows. 10 months in and David was already building a team. Now, just a few short years later, he has a team with nearly 30 agents. What’s even more impressive is that 100% of the agents who have been with him for 18 months or more earn over $100k annually.

On today’s podcast, hear how David ensures all of his agents hit high sales numbers each and every year. David also shares the secret to securing new clients at open houses, what it takes to create quality video content, and so much more. Don’t miss this Real Estate Rockstars!

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