Who says it takes years to build a booming real estate business? With just one year as a full-time agent, Marcus Rush is absolutely killing it! Not only is Marcus actively generating tons of his own high-quality leads via Facebook (approximately 200 per month), he’s already getting referrals from highly satisfied clients and new-construction listings from one of Dover, Delaware’s top builders. Listen to today’s podcast and learn exactly how Marcus put his new real estate business on the fast track to success.

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Discount brokerage REX raised an additional $45 million in funding – money they may use to fuel further expansion efforts. With REX’s flat 2 percent fee, this could be bad news for agents who rely on traditional co-op splits. Listen to today’s State of the Market podcast and learn what REX’s success might mean for you. Plus, hear about Realtor.com’s decision to replace its lead-gen with Opcity in select markets, why Remine laid off two-thirds of its sales staff, and more!

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Solo agent Alex Daredia took his new real estate business from nothing to six figure profits in less than two years. Find out exactly how he did it on today’s Real Estate Rockstars! During the interview, Alex shares his daily prospecting practices, the real estate tools he relies on, AND tips for winning over a wide range of sellers. Plus, Alex explains how he got into real estate and details what it took to close his first deal. If you’re new to real estate or simply someone looking for new prospecting strategies, this is one podcast you won’t want to miss.

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Want to make more money in real estate without working more hours? Raise your average sale price. On today’s podcast, John and Mikki Ramey of Healthy Realty join Pat to discuss how marketing to medical professionals helps them sell more high-dollar homes. In addition to sharing the types of marketing methods and materials that work best, they give specific tips on targeting that agents can use to reach the right people at just the right time. Plus, John and Mikki offer recommendations on real estate marketing services, lead sources, and more. Don’t miss it!

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It’s been an interesting week in real estate, especially with news of RE/MAX and Redfin joining forces. On today’s State of the Market podcast, Pat Hiban and Kevin Kauffman explore how this referral-based partnership will work and what it could mean for RE/MAX agents. Other stories discussed on this episode include lead-qualification startup Riley shutting down and the class action lawsuit filed against the NAR.

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SEC rules make it difficult, if not impossible, for agents to earn money on syndication referrals; that’s what most people think. But according to syndication expert and CEO of Moneil Investment Group, Vinney Chopra, there ARE ways for agents to make BIG money by bringing investors in on syndication deals. On today’s show, Vinney breaks down pertinent SEC guidelines and explains how he pays real estate professionals for referring investors. Listen and learn how to take advantage of the industry’s most lucrative source of referral fees.

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Jin Chen sold 14 homes her first year as a full-time real estate agent. Her second year, she doubled that number AND maintained a sky-high profit margin. Now, Jin’s annual income exceeds $300k per year (more than four times what she earned in her previous career), and she’s building a real estate team of her own. On today’s show, Jin shares how she doubled her business in just one year, recommendations on winning over new prospects, and more. Don’t miss it!

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Last week, a class action lawsuit was filed against the NAR (among others) on behalf of “all persons who paid a broker commission since March 6, 2015 in connection with the sale of residential real estate listed on one of the Covered MLSs.” The MLSs included in the class action complaint cover major real estate markets and have serviced millions of consumers since 2015. While similar suits against the NAR have failed to go the distance, the law firms leading this one are among the most successful in the nation. Find out what could happen if they win on today’s State of the Market podcast!

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With nonstop technological advancements and entirely new types of competition, it's no surprise that the real estate industry has changed. Instead of fighting these changes, broker Veronica Figueroa embraced them and built a new type of team; it worked. Last year, her team generated $2.3 million in commissions at a profit margin of 27 percent. On this Real Estate Rockstars, Veronica explains what it takes to build a profitable team in the era of iBuyers and fly-by-night agents. Listen and learn how to build and manage a loyal team of tech-savvy agents that’s able to adapt to today’s rapidly changing markets.

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Like most veteran agents, James Festini has noticed a drastic drop in the quality of online leads in recent years. Fed up with their high cost and low conversion, James decided to cut online leads out of his business entirely. Now, instead of buying leads, he generates his own and has much more success converting them into clients. On today’s show, James shares his proven lead-generation scripts and strategies so that listeners can stop spending thousands on leads from sites like Zillow and Realtor.com. Tune in and hear how to instantly increase your business’ profitability!

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The nation’s first statewide rent control law just passed in Oregon. Should landlords be worried? On today’s State of the Market, hosts Pat Hiban and Kevin Kauffman share their experience with rent control and discuss why it can be a big problem for rental owners. Other news highlights include “The No-Pressure Real Estate Agent,” Kevin Paffrath, getting charged with trespassing and a judge dismissing an antitrust suit filed against Zillow.

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At the end of the day, how much you make in real estate doesn’t matter. What matters is how much you’re able to keep. On today’s podcast, Michael Hellickson of Club Wealth joins Pat to discuss what it takes to boost a real estate business’ profitability. In addition to sharing ways for agents to reduce overhead, Michael outlines a clear path to profitability during periods of growth. Listen and learn what you can do to scale business affordably, the best way to build a real estate team, and more.

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Ryan Serhant of Million Dollar Listing New York is more than just a television personality; he’s also a best-selling author and the head of New York’s top-ranked real estate team. On today’s show, Ryan discusses the skills and sales techniques that have helped him achieve so much since starting his real estate career in 2008. In addition to sharing strategies for winning both listings and buyer clients, he offers invaluable advice to rookie agents. Plus, Pat and Ryan discuss the biggest mistakes they’ve seen in the industry so that listeners like you can avoid common pitfalls that waste agents’ time and money.

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